Understanding Education According to Experts

Definition of Education
Everyone basically has experienced education, but not everyone understands the meaning of the word education. Understanding education becomes important when we cannot deny that with the development of the times in the world of education which continues to change significantly so that many change the mindset of educators, from the ordinary and rigid mindset to become more modern.
This is very influential in the progress of education in Indonesia. It's just that, along with the progress of education sometimes the concept or understanding may become blurred.
Complementing this, education experts criticize the way they express educational concepts and theories, which are actually to achieve the true educational goals. Therefore we can look from the notion of education according to experts.
Definition of Education in General
Education can be interpreted as a method for developing skills, habits and attitudes that are expected to make a person better.

Understanding Education According to Experts
1. According to Aristotle
Education is a function of the State, and is conducted, primarily at least, for the ends of the State. State - the highest social institution which secures the highest goal or happiness of man. Education is preparation for some worthy activity. Education should be guided by legislation to make it correspond with the results of psychological analysis, and follow the gradual development of the bodily and mental faculties.
Meaning: Education is one of the functions of a country, and is carried out, especially at least, for the purpose of the State itself. The state is the highest social institution that secures the highest goal or human happiness. Education is preparation / provision for some activities / decent work. Education should be guided by the law to make it appropriate (correspondent) with the results of psychological analysis, and follow developments gradually, both physically (outwardly) and mentally (inner / soul).

Education is a means used to find the truth. While the method is dialectics.

3. According to the Act
UU SISDIKNAS No. 2 of 1989: Education is a conscious effort to prepare students through guidance, teaching, and training activities for their role in the future.
UU SISDIKNAS no. 20 of 2003: Education is a conscious and planned effort to create an atmosphere of learning and learning process so that students actively develop their potential to have spiritual spiritual strength, self-control, personality, intelligence, noble character, and the skills needed by themselves and the community.

4. According to the Big Dictionary
Education is the process of changing attitudes and behavior of a person or group of people in an effort to mature humans through teaching and training efforts; the process, manner and making of educating.

5. According to Etymology (Language) Education in Islam:
In Arabic Education: comes from the word Tarbiyah, with the verb Rabba which has the meaning of educating or caring. So Education in Islam is Guidance by educators on the physical, spiritual and intellectual development of students so that a good Muslim person can be formed.
In Greek: Education comes from the word Pedagogy, which is from the word "paid" meaning children and "agogos" means to guide. That is why the term pedagogy can be interpreted as "the science and art of teaching children (the art and science of teaching children).

6. According to Psychology
Education is covering all forms of activities that will facilitate in social life.

7. According to John Stuart Mill (British philosopher, 1806-1873 AD)
explains that Education includes everything that is done by someone for himself or done by others for him, with the aim of bringing him closer to the level of perfection.

8. According to H. Horne
is a continuous process of higher adjustments for human beings who have developed physically and mentally, who are free and conscious of God, as manifested in the natural, intellectual, emotional and human surroundings of humans.

9. According to John Dewey
argues that education is a process of renewing the meaning of experience, this may occur in ordinary association or association of adults with young people, it may also occur intentionally and institutionalized to produce social sustainability. This process involves the supervision and development of the minors and the group in which they live.

10. According to Edgar Dalle
that Education is a conscious effort made by the family, community, and government through the activities of guidance, teaching, and training, which take place at school and outside the school for life to prepare students to be able to play a role in various environments on a permanent basis for a period of time will come.

11. According to Plato
Education is something that can help the individual's development of body and mind with something that can enable the achievement of perfection. According to Plato education is planned and programmed into three stages with an age level, the first stage is education given to students for up to twenty years; and the second stage, from the age of twenty years to thirty years; while the third stage, from thirty years to forty years old.

12. According to Rocky Gerung
Education is a war on ignorance.

He said education is a demand in the lives of children. The point is that education leads to all the forces that exist in nature so that students as human beings and members of society can achieve high safety and happiness in life.

14. According to Muhibbin Syah, 2010: 10
Education comes from the word "educate", then this word gets the prefix "me" so it becomes "educate" meaning, nurturing and giving training. In maintaining and providing training, teachings, guidance and leadership are needed regarding morals and intelligence of the mind.

15. According to Soekidjo Notoatmodjo, 2003: 16
defining in general "Education is any planned effort to influence other people whether individuals, groups, or the community so that they do what is expected by education practitioners."